Tired and…

Spending lots of time on silverlight.net. Actually, not too much, but it is sure consuming some of my time. Now, I cant decide what to create.. I want to make a software but I have no idea at all. I wrote a mail sender before coz it is useful for me at least. Now, I would like to do more on the ADO.NET coz it should be something very important for the one who works with WebService.

By the way, these days, I replied some posts and found that many posts are related to 404 Error throws from the WebService when working with Silverlight. Not only does it the CrossDomain Error but also size of Data being transfered and the endpoint address. And the one who are having the problem right now please do search on a good search engine, and you should find lots of articles about 404 from silverlight.net/foums.

I should take enough rest before working on my new project .. topic is still not yet decided

Hopefully, all things go straight.

Live with Light!


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