Standard call to begin StoryBoard

This is a good remind from Yi-Lun Luo(MSFT) from Silverlight Official Forum

Hello, thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve verified the behavior and notified out product team. The issue appears to be: If you use Storyboard.SetTarget to set the target for an animation, if the property path is quite complex, the target will be lost after you begin the Storyboard. If you manually set the target before each Storyboard begins, it will work fine:

Storyboard.SetTarget(s1.Children(0), recMain)

Also you can use SetTargetName instead of SetTarget. If your objects are dynamically created, you can write something like this:

recMain.SetValue(FrameworkElement.NameProperty, “rec”)
Storyboard.SetTargetName(d, “rec”)

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Silverlight Beta 2

Still a long way to go…

After upgraded to Silverlight 2 beta 2, it seems that there is so many problems…

  1. Listbox.Items.MouseLeftButtonDown Event cannot be fired 
  2. WCFService cannot be added as Service Reference
  3. Beta 2 Runtime cannot view Beta 1 Application
  4. …. Still more to be found and discovered..

These are not my main point. What I want to say is that – it is still a Beta Version, isn’t it?

Engineers from Microsoft are still trying their best to create the best environment for us to build such a Dynamic Scenario (Silverlight). 

Please Clap for them and give your opinion at and post the bugs you found onto it.


Live with Light!
Steve Wong (Hong Kong) 

Silverlight Beta 2 has released

Newly Updated!

  • Important! Migrating Older Code to the Newer Release
  • Update Silverlight.js
  • Sockets Breaking Change
  • Change for Built-In Style of Controls
  • MIME Type and Installer URL Change
  • SetTargetProperty and GetTargetProperty Changes
  • System.Windows.Control.dll Merged with System.Windows.dll
  • ToolTip Changes
  • Removed Several Properties from Controls in System.Windows*dll
  • Change in Handling of System.Windows.Controls.Extended.dll in XAML
  • Changes to HtmlElement.GetAttribute and HtmlElement.GetProperty
  • Calendar/DatePicker Changes
  • HtmlPage.UnregisterScriptableObject Removed
  • WebClient and HttpWebRequest Changes
  • Improved Null Argument Checking in System.Xml
  • BackgroundWorker Moved
  • Deep Zoom Image and Collections Format Change
  • MultiScaleImage Change
  • AllowInboundCallsFromXDomain Changes
  • Changes to Scroll-related APIs and Drag*EventArgs
  • Glyphs Element Requires Either UniCodeString or Indices Attribute
  • ItemsControl.Items Is Now of Type ItemCollection Instead of IList
  • RoutedEventArgs.Handled=true Events No Longer Bubble
  • Style Cannot Be Applied to Control That Is Incompatible with Its TargetType
  • SetValue Only Accepts the Correct Types (No Conversions)
  • Control.InitializeFromXaml Removed
  • No Longer Can Specify Name and x:Name on the Same Element
  • Changes to Cross-Domain Policy
  • Storyboards Can Be Active While Outside the Live Tree
  • GetValue on Storyboard.Duration Only Returns Storyboard.Duration
  • Image and ImageBrush Class Changes
  • TextBox Template Changes
  • Custom BorderBrush/BorderThickness Change
  • ButtonBase Changes
  • ListBox and ListBoxItem Changes
  • ContentControl and ContentPresenter Changes
  • GetValue Changes
  • Updates to Control Styles
  • Miscellaneous API Changes