Silverlight Beta 2 has released

Newly Updated!

  • Important! Migrating Older Code to the Newer Release
  • Update Silverlight.js
  • Sockets Breaking Change
  • Change for Built-In Style of Controls
  • MIME Type and Installer URL Change
  • SetTargetProperty and GetTargetProperty Changes
  • System.Windows.Control.dll Merged with System.Windows.dll
  • ToolTip Changes
  • Removed Several Properties from Controls in System.Windows*dll
  • Change in Handling of System.Windows.Controls.Extended.dll in XAML
  • Changes to HtmlElement.GetAttribute and HtmlElement.GetProperty
  • Calendar/DatePicker Changes
  • HtmlPage.UnregisterScriptableObject Removed
  • WebClient and HttpWebRequest Changes
  • Improved Null Argument Checking in System.Xml
  • BackgroundWorker Moved
  • Deep Zoom Image and Collections Format Change
  • MultiScaleImage Change
  • AllowInboundCallsFromXDomain Changes
  • Changes to Scroll-related APIs and Drag*EventArgs
  • Glyphs Element Requires Either UniCodeString or Indices Attribute
  • ItemsControl.Items Is Now of Type ItemCollection Instead of IList
  • RoutedEventArgs.Handled=true Events No Longer Bubble
  • Style Cannot Be Applied to Control That Is Incompatible with Its TargetType
  • SetValue Only Accepts the Correct Types (No Conversions)
  • Control.InitializeFromXaml Removed
  • No Longer Can Specify Name and x:Name on the Same Element
  • Changes to Cross-Domain Policy
  • Storyboards Can Be Active While Outside the Live Tree
  • GetValue on Storyboard.Duration Only Returns Storyboard.Duration
  • Image and ImageBrush Class Changes
  • TextBox Template Changes
  • Custom BorderBrush/BorderThickness Change
  • ButtonBase Changes
  • ListBox and ListBoxItem Changes
  • ContentControl and ContentPresenter Changes
  • GetValue Changes
  • Updates to Control Styles
  • Miscellaneous API Changes


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