Standard call to begin StoryBoard

This is a good remind from Yi-Lun Luo(MSFT) from Silverlight Official Forum

Hello, thanks for reporting this issue. I’ve verified the behavior and notified out product team. The issue appears to be: If you use Storyboard.SetTarget to set the target for an animation, if the property path is quite complex, the target will be lost after you begin the Storyboard. If you manually set the target before each Storyboard begins, it will work fine:

Storyboard.SetTarget(s1.Children(0), recMain)

Also you can use SetTargetName instead of SetTarget. If your objects are dynamically created, you can write something like this:

recMain.SetValue(FrameworkElement.NameProperty, “rec”)
Storyboard.SetTargetName(d, “rec”)

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MIX 08 HongKong

After participating MIX Essentials 08.. I got a book ahha But it is quite similar to the last edition introducing Silverlight 1.0

Well, today I met Harris Andy and Angela I knew them coz they are the judges of ImagineCup local

But they are not the main point. The most important is the content. It’s very well. Awesome!
Especially the video talking about how Microsoft technologies get around in our lives! Well Done! I should try hard to find that video =]

By the way the examples shown today are good and some of them include good ideas.

All in all, Wonderful! Well, I should work hard and try to get into Microsoft haha(daydreaming again!)

Months after Imagine Cup 08

Well, after paticipating Imagine Cup 08 I learnt a lot.

Working with 3 other schoolmates, Chung, Peter and Timothy, they have their own expertise… And we continue to implement our work in C#. Newly adding Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Silverlight, I take up the role to learn Silverlight and Peter responsible for the WCF. Our project seems to be very good together with our good idea and the new technology. It does consume most of my time. I sepnt a day to read the Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 from Lawrence Moroney and spent a week to read the Developing Windows-Based Applications with Visual C#.NET. I think it should be a miracle coz I am just a secondary student now. =]

After knowing all the foundation of Silverlight and C# I started making the WebPage I was responisble for. It is extremely difficult for me to handle this new technology Silverlight 2.0, luckily I did some project using Flash and know some algorithm DFS BFS… etc They should take some advantage for me.

When all of us think our project is very poor at least worse than last year’s one, the judges from Microsoft said, “oh quite good” … and they came forward to have a look on the RFID Card and Receiver. We are surprised … shocked …

When we entered the final in Local, we meet our rival using lots of new technologies including GPS… UMPC …EeePC etc well and a home-made Carbon Dioxide meter (I think that’s not made by them ahha)

Finally, we got 2nd.. I know we had all done very well, especially Thanks for Angela Ip =]

It gives me so much experience in Computer Programming and since then I started answering question on SIlverlight forum. That’s worth !Not only does it earn points (that’s very minor for me) but also let me know how much I know now. It is just like a chapter checkpoint. People having different kinds of question and ask in the forum just like some guys who are giving me a Test with many different chapter in a big subject SILVERLIGHT =]

I think we should treasure the chance to learn and the chance to compete!

By the way, my academic result is having the trend of dorpping down… /.\ so I must work hard!

To Do List

Well, I have quite a bit to do these days becoz I want to try as much as I can in this Summer Holiday

Of course I will have some time for my academic preparation

Things to do are as follow, and I have no idea for each item at all. If you do have, please tell me or kindly comment here

  1. Prepare for the ImagineCup2009 (think of the toughest question that we are facing now)
  2. Linking Windows LiveID Authentication and Silverlight together
  3. create a useful little silverlight application (theme hasnt been decided)
  4. take a deep look into working ADO.NET with Silverlight (know quite a little bit)
  5. learn more about PopFly (I know nothing about it)
  6. Create a game on Silverlight(the least priority)
  7. To be a MVP (daydreaming…)

Hopefully, I can do much much…better than now after a few year… Fortunately, I am just 17 years old now =] still have a few of time

Steve Wong (Hong Kong)
Live with Light

Tired and…

Spending lots of time on Actually, not too much, but it is sure consuming some of my time. Now, I cant decide what to create.. I want to make a software but I have no idea at all. I wrote a mail sender before coz it is useful for me at least. Now, I would like to do more on the ADO.NET coz it should be something very important for the one who works with WebService.

By the way, these days, I replied some posts and found that many posts are related to 404 Error throws from the WebService when working with Silverlight. Not only does it the CrossDomain Error but also size of Data being transfered and the endpoint address. And the one who are having the problem right now please do search on a good search engine, and you should find lots of articles about 404 from

I should take enough rest before working on my new project .. topic is still not yet decided

Hopefully, all things go straight.

Live with Light!