To Do List

Well, I have quite a bit to do these days becoz I want to try as much as I can in this Summer Holiday

Of course I will have some time for my academic preparation

Things to do are as follow, and I have no idea for each item at all. If you do have, please tell me or kindly comment here

  1. Prepare for the ImagineCup2009 (think of the toughest question that we are facing now)
  2. Linking Windows LiveID Authentication and Silverlight together
  3. create a useful little silverlight application (theme hasnt been decided)
  4. take a deep look into working ADO.NET with Silverlight (know quite a little bit)
  5. learn more about PopFly (I know nothing about it)
  6. Create a game on Silverlight(the least priority)
  7. To be a MVP (daydreaming…)

Hopefully, I can do much much…better than now after a few year… Fortunately, I am just 17 years old now =] still have a few of time

Steve Wong (Hong Kong)
Live with Light

3 thoughts on “To Do List

  1. Nice to do list. I think it hard for you to all of that list. But I want to say Good luck to you for preparing all of that list and do. I wish you can do it. Thanks for sharing it.

    Try the Impactful Actions this is a goal setting and to do list. This is very helpful application. I Used it now and Its good. It help me more for my daily activities.

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