WP7 Icon Pack From WP7 Team’s Blog

Working hard on Windows Phone 7 Apps, I noticed that I have to make new icon on Application Bar. However, for some developers, they may wonder if Microsoft offer some free sample for us to use. The answer is yes.

WP7 Team released a pack of WP7 Icon

appbar.feature.camera.rest appbar.feature.email.rest appbar.feature.search.rest appbar.feature.settings.rest appbar.feature.video.rest appbar.folder.rest appbar.minus.rest appbar.new.rest

appbar.next.rest appbar.questionmark.rest appbar.refresh.rest appbar.save.rest appbar.share.rest appbar.stop.rest appbar.sync.rest appbar.transport.ff.rest

appbar.transport.pause.rest appbar.transport.play.rest appbar.transport.rew.rest appbar.upload.rest appbar.add.rest appbar.back.rest appbar.basecircle.rest appbar.cancel.rest

appbar.check.rest appbar.close.rest appbar.delete.rest appbar.download.rest appbar.edit.rest appbar.favs.addto.rest appbar.favs.rest

The pack includes 64 bar icons, 32 with dark style and 32 with light style

Download the Icon from Microsoft

Post from WP7 Team’s blog

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