New Office 365 Preview

Hi All,

The new version of Office 365 is ready for preview. Everyone can register from Microsoft.

After login to the new system, there is a brand new Administration Panel.

Service Overview is shown once you logged in to let you know the current health of system.

The shortcuts have been moved to the right of the administration panel.

Setup is divided into two, basic or custom.

Basic setup includes the following, which is recommended for most organizations.

And for the custom one, it includes two documents which guide you on the deployment.

Others remains similar to the previous version of administration panel.

Apart from the main menu here, the administration center includes a ribbon has other options.

Outlook – a brand new look

Calendar – Updated version and more metro

People – a metro, clean, easy view

Newsfeed – social function of SharePoint 2013

Special ones – Office Store and

In the new version of SharePoint, it will be more like CRM Online.

Users can create own app and put it in the store for others to buy/try/download. Users can also buy from the store. It creates higher value-added service and also opportunity for partners.

Some apps are online now and more.

SharePoint 2013

It is now a rich, html5, clean view.

No more FAST search! Built-in search is now available.

For more detailed preview, please follow my blog. I will post it as soon as possible.

Let’s register and try the latest Office 365 now!

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