Months after Imagine Cup 08

Well, after paticipating Imagine Cup 08 I learnt a lot.

Working with 3 other schoolmates, Chung, Peter and Timothy, they have their own expertise… And we continue to implement our work in C#. Newly adding Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and Silverlight, I take up the role to learn Silverlight and Peter responsible for the WCF. Our project seems to be very good together with our good idea and the new technology. It does consume most of my time. I sepnt a day to read the Introducing Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 from Lawrence Moroney and spent a week to read the Developing Windows-Based Applications with Visual C#.NET. I think it should be a miracle coz I am just a secondary student now. =]

After knowing all the foundation of Silverlight and C# I started making the WebPage I was responisble for. It is extremely difficult for me to handle this new technology Silverlight 2.0, luckily I did some project using Flash and know some algorithm DFS BFS… etc They should take some advantage for me.

When all of us think our project is very poor at least worse than last year’s one, the judges from Microsoft said, “oh quite good” … and they came forward to have a look on the RFID Card and Receiver. We are surprised … shocked …

When we entered the final in Local, we meet our rival using lots of new technologies including GPS… UMPC …EeePC etc well and a home-made Carbon Dioxide meter (I think that’s not made by them ahha)

Finally, we got 2nd.. I know we had all done very well, especially Thanks for Angela Ip =]

It gives me so much experience in Computer Programming and since then I started answering question on SIlverlight forum. That’s worth !Not only does it earn points (that’s very minor for me) but also let me know how much I know now. It is just like a chapter checkpoint. People having different kinds of question and ask in the forum just like some guys who are giving me a Test with many different chapter in a big subject SILVERLIGHT =]

I think we should treasure the chance to learn and the chance to compete!

By the way, my academic result is having the trend of dorpping down… /.\ so I must work hard!

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