Let’s say “I LOVE YOU” to my dear computer

After the release of Siverlight 2.0, I do start reading the tutorials online. Of course, it is a very hard time for me becuase I am just a secondary school student. I spend most of the time at shcool on school day, leaving about 3 hours for me to read the posts at silverlight.net and sure I will answer them.

As I heard before, it is newly updated for Visual Studio to have a code behind on the Silverlight, I don’t know if it is true but it is so powerful that the xaml and xaml.cs can work so well with each other.

I had my own computer when I was Primary four. Starting from that day, it should be a summer holiday, I had started to borrow books from the public library, all books are so call Deep Look in ASP, CGI and PHP, some maybe HTML and Flash. When I was Primary five, my primary school had a workshop for me to learn Flash. I remember that is Flash 4.0. Learning for a few days, I just fell in love with computer and I told myself that I must become a programmer.

Nowadays, I do not need to borrow books because online learning materials are available wherever in MSDN, silverlight.net or MVP’s Blog.

I just want to be member of MVPs. It is a great honour to become a MVP. I do not only share my own experience of programming but also my experience of how do I work with computer. I know many programmers complain about the Async and Sync in cooperate webservice and silverlight. I do support the elimination of Sync. It is really protecting the platform …
Starting from today, I will start writing my own blog here … of course only about programming here.

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